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Billionaire Republican shows true colors by saying Trump is like Hitler & Mussolini

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Billionaire Meg Whitman is showing her true colors this election cycle, as she slams GOP nominee Donald Trump and compares him to some of the most brutal dictators in history.

Meg Whitman

Whitman, who is a mega-donor to the GOP and Hewlett-Packard (HP) CEO, compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in a closed-door meeting, according to CNN sources.

The CNN sources said Whitman was comparing the vicious dictators to Trump in a “historical context.”

In a response to Whitman, who failed in her 2010 gubernatorial run in California, Trump blasted the HP executive, saying she did not have a good business record.

“I never met Meg Whitman, but the job she is doing at Hewlett-Packard is not a very good one,” Trump said via his spokeswoman, Hope Hicks. “Based on the disastrous campaign she ran in California, and the tens of millions of dollars she wasted, I have learned a lot from her. I do not want her support.”

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