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Watch ‘Idiots on Parade’: Guy sets out to expose truth about Trump protesters, but he never expected this

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Anti-Trump protesters give a whole new meaning to the word hypocrite. Most, if not all of them, don’t even know what they are fighting for — or against for that matter.

According to the latest video from The Dane Report, knowing what you are talking about is not a quality most anti-Donald Trump protesters have mastered. To say the least.

In its latest video, titled “Idiots on Parade: Trump Protesters Act Embarrassingly Ignorant,” the Report interviews people at an anti-Trump rally and confronts them with actual facts and statements made by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

The dumbfounded looks and loss for words by these, mostly Millennial, protesters when faced with the truth is priceless.

One youngster, after reading Trump’s quotes, actually verified his ignorance when he said “I don’t believe it because I’m a liberal teen.”

No indoctrination there. But hey, these people were out in force because they are pro-immigrant and want everyone to be welcomed in America, right?

Not really.

It is painfully obvious that the protesters only want people who act and think as they do welcomed into the country.

That much was obvious when the “pro-immigrant, anti-Trump,” protesters shouted “you should go home” and “you don’t even live in the country” at the Danish born reporter.

The Dane Report created this video in response to negative feedback it received from people who thought its previous video, of it schooling a kid who was destroying a Trump sign, was fake.

There can be no disputing this one.

Video courtesy of BPR contributor Michael Hansen

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Carmine Sabia


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