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School sends cops to 7-year-old’s house for sharing Bible verses; now an investigation is underway

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Raul Maldonado
Raul Maldonado photo credit Palmdale School District.

The superintendent of a California school district is investigating allegations that the constitutional rights of a 7-year-old student were violated when he was barred from handing out Bible verses.

The child, known only as “C,” showed one of his classmates a note his mom packed with his lunch, which included a biblical verse.

Soon other students wanted to see the verses that she packed each day and the following grew until his teacher and principal, Melanie Pagliaro, stepped in and said he could only share the verses after school.

However, when students began waiting for “C” outside of school to hear the passages and his following grew, the school changed the rules again and demanded he be off of school property when he read them to others.

It went so far that a sheriff’s deputy went to the child’s home to tell his mother, Christina Zavala, that the Desert Rose Elementary School had filed a police report against her son, the Christian Post reported.

The deputy informed the youngster that he couldn’t share the verses and stories anymore as they might “offend” someone.

Now Palmdale school district superintendent Raul Maldonado has stepped in because he is “concerned” that the child’s rights were violated.

“I am very concerned about this incident,” Maldonado told TheBlaze in a statement. “I have directed that a speedy investigation be conducted, and I can assure you that all appropriate action will be taken once the facts are known.”

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