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Christian Pastor is both black and a Trump supporter – watch the hatefest from the left

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Christian Pastor and major African-American Trump supporter Darrell Scott appeared on CNN on Sunday and what he had to say sent the race-baiters off into apoplexy.

Pastor Scott already annoyed the left by aligning himself with Donald Trump in the first place, but now he has really incensed them after giving voice to an opinion that millions of people, both black and white, hold today. Scott said African-Americans throw the race card and act in a racist manner far more often and more quickly than any other race in the U.S. today.

Black people play the race card more than any other race and we actually, probably are more racist than any other race because we blame the white man all the time for all of our inequities in life–we’re still trying to be stuck on slavery–and we think we have a right to be racist and to express ourselves racially.

TV talk show host and comedian Arseno Hall knew what was coming as soon as he saw Scott’s CNN appearance. Hall took to Twitter to joke that the pastor drives the left batty, according to Twitchy.

And it didn’t take long for the liberal outrage machine to ramp up its attack on Pastor Scott.

Left-wing New York Times columnist Charles Blow led the pack with his outrage against Scott.

Like clock work, many joined in on the hatefest.

But not all African-Americans on social media fell in line with the hate, though.

Whatever the case, it is clear that Pastor Scott really gets under the left’s skin.


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