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People who identify as PETS demand acceptance—here’s why you should be concerned

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Perhaps President Obama‘s next directive will be for schools to install fire hydrants in their bathrooms.

A British documentary for Channel 4 titled the “Secret Life of the Human Pups” detailed the lives of grown men who get into leather dog suits and pretend to be puppies.

The men who participate in this lunacy insist that it is a lifestyle choice just like being transgender.

Though many, including former Johns Hopkins chief of psychiatry Dr. Paul R. McHugh, would argue that both are mental diseases.

It brings to mind the case of the middle aged man who identifies as a six-year-old girl and the woman who blinded herself because she thought she should have been born blind.

It’s a trend that shouldn’t be ignored because it’s growing, and advocates are now publicly vying for mainstream acceptance. And at the rate society is going, we might get there.

For instance, the documentary includes men walking around London pretending to urinate on lamp posts to raise awareness of their identification. While others, wag their mechanical tails and jump for treats.

Pup play, as it’s called, is most common in the gay male scene but is also done by other groups, according to the documentary.

And while some do see it as play, others actually believe they are puppies in human bodies.

“Even when I worked in PC World I would sometimes walk up to people and nip at their shirt,” said Kaz, who eats out of a dog bowl at home. “I got in trouble once; someone walked into the PC repair centre and I had part of their dad’s computer in my mouth. But the other staff knew I was like that to everyone. They didn’t find it weird.”

Another “pup” named David explained his loyalty to his handler.

“I’ve been collared to him for 10 years. If anyone comes near him I growl like a little bull terrier. And I’m a people-pleaser in my human life. I get a great deal of pleasure from making other people happy,” he said.

Have people forgotten that crazy exists?

The fact that this is becoming a serious topic in any social circle that requires a documentary is a strong statement.

A statement that society needs to squash before this type of “self identity” nonsense gets more out of control than it already is.

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Carmine Sabia


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