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Group demands federal investigation into store owner’s ‘English only’ policy, but he’s fighting back

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“Well, the rule has just been that we speak English.”

The open borders organization League of United Latin American Citizen (LULAC) is now going after Milwaukee’s ‘Leon’s Frozen Custard’ because the store has an ‘English only’ policy, which they claim is discriminatory against Hispanics, according to WISN, a local ABC affiliate in Wisconsin.

Ron Schneider, the owner of the shop, says the policy is solely so that everyone in the store can communicate and not have expectations that the staff can speak in Spanish.

LULAC, though, is claiming that Scheider’s rule is against federal law, demanding an investigation into the business by the US Equal Opportunity Commission.

However, the commission does allow for businesses to have ‘English only’ policies, so long as they are not for discriminatory reasons.

Schneider’s wife and children who happen to be Hispanic, are fighting back.

“If everyone speaks English, then we can all communicate,” Schneider said. “We got to get them in and get them their order and get them out.”

“Alright, let me tell you something, my wife is Hispanic,” Schneider told WISN. “My children are Hispanic. Anyone who wants to call me racist on that basis, let’s go out and settle this the old fashioned, American way in the alley.”

Schneider’s wife said that many of the employees are Hispanic, themselves, and they try to help customers with a clear language barrier.

“A lot of the girls that work here are Hispanic and they understand [Spanish] so they try to help [customers] as much as they can.”

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