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Texas gov unloads, plans to fight Obama over public school trans bathroom order – he’s not backing down!

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had it with the Obama administration.

Following President Obama’s plan to issue a directive requiring all public schools to give transgender students access to the restroom that matches their gender identity, Abbott is pushing back in the most blunt way possible.

“The constitution has been turned on its head,” said Abbott. “Understand this, there’s only one body of the three branches of government that can write the law and that’s congress.”

“We have a president who decided well, if congress is not going to pass the law, he’s going to impose the law,” he continued. “And so the president is turning the constitution on its head and now he’s trying to do it with the transgender law.”

Abbott said the state of Texas is not following Obama’s transgender bathroom order.

“We’re fighting back, we’re demanding that the president of the United States hue to the line of the United States Constitution.”

Take a look at his tirade against Obama here: 

Abbott’s not the only one hitting Obama for the directive.

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump said he believes the issue is a states rights problem and that the federal government should not be involved.

“I believe it should be states’ rights, and I think the states should make the decision. They’re more capable of making the decision,” he said. “I just think it should be states’ rights. I think many things actually should be states’ rights, but this is a perfect example of it.”

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