Hillary’s bestie Sid Blumenthal is asked about FBI interview; his response makes perfect sense

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“Deflect! Deflect! Deflect!” is the mantra of Hillary Clinton and her allies.

This fact was hammered home Monday night when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews repeatedly tried to get long-time Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal to say whether he’d been interviewed by the FBI yet.

It was the first question posed by Matthews, and Blumenthal simply ignored it, but oddly enough said that he’s in favor of “complete transparency.”

“But Sid, have you been interviewed by the FBI yet on this matter?” Matthews repeated.

“I really don’t want to talk about an ongoing inquiry right now,” Blumenthal replied.

“You can’t say whether you’ve been interviewed or not?” Matthews shot back.

He still wouldn’t answer, but again called for transparency — for the fourth time.

Blumenthal’s call for complete transparency doesn’t apply to him apparently.

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MSNBC clip via GOP War Room

H/T: TheBlaze


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