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McDonald’s drive-thru thief picked on guy with concealed weapon and a 4-year-old . . . deadly mistake!

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Criminals should know better than to attempt an armed robbery in a state where nearly everyone else is armed.

A customer was in a Texas McDonald’s drive-thru lane with his four-year-old son Saturday, when he was approached by another man displaying a gun and demanding money.

The customer was a licensed concealed carry holder and instead of cash, the would-be robber got three bullets for his efforts.

Houston’s ABC 13 News reporter Lauren Lea tweeted:

However, in today’s gun-grabbing, politically-correct society, not everyone was convinced that the police would quickly clear the innocent driver.

And sure enough, KHOU reported:

Multiple witnesses confirmed to police the details of the alleged robbery however, officers say the investigation is ongoing at this time and will be referred to a grand jury.

Police said the driver involved is licensed to carry a handgun and has been fully cooperative with the investigation.


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