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Vast majority of Mexicans support Hillary over Trump–does the wall have anything to do with it?

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Many Americans might love Donald Trump, but foreigners adore Hillary Clinton.

In a new poll by the Reforma newspaper, a whopping 83 percent of Mexicans living in Mexico want Clinton as the next president of the United States, according to the Hill. Only 3 percent said they want Trump as the president.

That same favoritism towards Clinton with Mexicans holds true with Mexican thought-leaders in Mexico as well, with 88 percent preferring Clinton and only 1 percent preferring Trump as president.

The poll comes as Trump’s position on foreign policy and border security is wrapped up in the slogan “America First,” in which he says American workers have been placed behind foreign nationals, something he says will stop with his presidency.

At a number of protests against Trump, anti-Trump Hispanics have arrived waving Mexican flags and also becoming violent with pro-Trump supporters, as BizPac Review reported at the time.

Trump’s most famous political position, which is widely popular with American voters, is the prospect of securing the US Southern border crisis with a massive wall in order to end illegal immigration into the country. Political pundits continue to claim that the proposal somehow is disparaging towards Mexicans.

Clinton, on the other hand, previously voted for more border security, but now slams Trump’s proposal and claims there is no border crisis.

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