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Trump ruthlessly trolls Obama: White House fence upgrade is OK, but no US-Mexico border wall?

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Donald Trump is calling out President Obama for elitist hypocrisy.

When the US Secret Service announced big plans to build a “taller and stronger” fence around the White House, Trump could only think of one thing: Pure hypocrisy.

Plenty of Democrats, including Obama (and even some Republicans), have accused Trump of bigotry, hatefulness, and racism for daring to put forward an immigration agenda that calls for a massive border wall across the Southern border.

Now, Trump is calling out his detractors out in a brutally honest way:

One commenter raised the same concerns Trump did, writing “There’s a wall around the White House, a wall around the Vatican…all for security… Why not around our country…for security??!!”

Another said “What a hypocrite! Obama says Trump is wrong about the border wall but he will allow the white house fence to be raised 5 feet to keep legal residents out.”

A Trump supporter even offered to help build Trump’s Southern border wall, writing, “I build and erect fences and balconies every day in DC, mostly glass, I will build that fence for you Mr Trump.” 

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