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‘Black Womyn’ complain, get dinner canceled after it invites non-blacks

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By Blake Neff,

A dinner event at Pomona College intended to be open to all non-white women was canceled after it was denounced by black women at the school for not being black-only.

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The so-called “Dinner for the Sistahs” event was to be held last Friday, and was organized by the group Building Leaders On Campus (BLOC), an all-male, mostly black group of “marginalized” students at the Claremont Colleges (a consortium of seven schools in Claremont, Calif.). The event was marketed as “an opportunity for the men of BLOC and the WOC [women of color] of the 7Cs [the seven Claremont Colleges] to interact and get to know one another.”

That may seem benign enough, but it outraged some black women at Claremont, who claimed BLOC had improperly opened up an event that was supposed to only be for black women, or as they generally referred to themselves, “black womyn.”

“In my honest opinion, I feel like the dinner is being half-assed, it is last minute, it is devaluing black womyn by not even letting them have two hours with them as the focus (when the event was originally created for Black womyn…like how you gonna make the event called Dinner for the Sistahs when the word ‘sistah’ is historically seeded with Black womyn in mind???),” complained Pomona College student Ashley Land, according to the Claremont Independent.

Another student alleged creating an event that wasn’t all-black furthered anti-black violence.

“This is shitty and it ignores the fact that a shit ton of woc are anti-black on these campuses,” said Scripps College undergrad Erin Houston-Burroughs. “Thanks for being complicit in the violence by opening the space. Gross.”
In response, the group Black Lives At Mudd (BLAM) decided to host an event, the BLAM Black Women and Non-Binary People Outing, which would be run by black women, for black women.Ultimately, though the complainers carried the day. BLOC canceled the dinner and instead hosted a special discussion to talk about the controversy that had erupted.Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact [email protected]


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