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‘House of Cards’ creator says Europe is like ‘Titanic heading for the iceberg’

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All is not well in the European Union (EU), and “House of Cards” creator Michael Dobbs isn’t even trying to deny it.

Dobbs, who wrote the books that inspired the smash-hit Netflix original series starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, said in an interview with POLITICO that Europe is essentially doomed.

“The European Union is like the Titanic heading for the iceberg and cannot change and it will not change so in those circumstances it’s time to get off,” said Dobbs when asked if the Britain should exit the EU, often referred to as “Brexit.”

Dobbs, who is a Conservative Party politician in the UK, said he is a proud European, but that is not stopping him from denying reality that the EU is collapsing due to mass Muslim migration and bankruptcy.

“I’m a passionate European,” Dobbs told POLITICO. “I love Europe, I really do. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be born, to raise children, the culture, the history, everything.”

“I’m not leaving Europe,” Dobbs said. “I want Europe to flourish and it’s not, because the institution is wrong and it’s fatally flawed.”

Dobbs said the biggest problem with the EU was “elitism and lack of democratic accountability,” citing the public’s lack of knowledge about the EU altogether.

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