Trump campaign manager won’t apologize to Michelle Fields to stop her defamation lawsuit

Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s public spat with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields might only be just beginning.

Lewandowski was charged with battery by Fields in the state of Florida after she said she was grabbed by him following a Trump campaign press conference.

Last week, the Florida State Attorney’s Office threw out the case, citing this video footage, showing that Fields ignored US Secret Service agents’ warnings to back away from Trump, moments before she was grabbed by Lewandowski.

Now, Lewandowski says he is still not going to apologize to Fields, telling Fox News’ Chris Wallace it’s “unrealistic” to expect him to after all that transpired.

Take a look at his response to Fields here:

Subsequently, Fields went on CNN hours later, threatening that she may follow her battery charge against Lewandowski with a defamation lawsuit.

“Corey lied. Donald Trump lied,” Fields told CNN. “And they went on this huge smear campaign against me.”

Fields said that her tiff with Lewandowski is about “the defamation, not so much the grabbing of the arm.”

The interview then turned quickly to Fields taking explosive shots at Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, saying that he should have recused himself from the case, alleging that he and his wife have a relationship with Trump.

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