Trump likely to WIN this state, but could LOSE delegates due to ‘intentionally complicated’ primary

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has only seen a sliver of what’s being described as “intentionally complicated” state primary processes.

In May, Trump is expected to sweep West Virginia with the popular vote, but he could actually end up losing the state because of the complex delegate system in place, according to POLITICO.

“Not even Einstein could easily understand the selection process today,” Trump’s West Virginia campaign Chairman Mike Stuart told POLITICO.

“The delegate selection system is intentionally complicated, making it extremely hard for voters to control the commitment of delegates to any particular candidate,” said Stuart. “I think the selection process for delegates in West Virginia not only is bad. It may be the worst in the country.”

Even POLITICO went as far as to call the West Virginia state primary a “mind-bogglingly complex delegate election process” and a “complicated, arcane and confusing voting system.”

Much like Colorado’s state primary controversy, Trump and his supporters are likely to wreak havoc on the Republican National Committee (RNC) for what he has deemed a “rigged” delegate system that favors candidates whom the establishment wants.

Earlier this week, BizPac Review reported on how Indiana and Wyoming’s state primaries are similar to those of Colorado’s, where Trump is expected to take the popular vote, but because of a delegate system chosen by party bosses, he could lose the majority of delegates.

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