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Germany gets tough on migrants not assimilating; follow these new rules or LEAVE

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The mass migration of refugees has wreaked havoc on Germany, and it seems German Chancellor Angela Merkel might finally be coming to her senses.

After allowing thousands of migrants to enter Germany without proper documentation, Merkel and German officials have cut a deal that will force immigrants to integrate into German life or be pushed to leave the European powerhouse, according to a Reuters report.

After months of disagreements, German officials have concluded a plan that pressures migrants to learn the German language and find work or have their benefits cut dramatically.

“We will have a German national law on integration – this is the first time in post-war Germany that this has happened, it is an important, qualitative step,” Merkel told reporters.

Additionally, migrants who quit job training courses will also see their benefits cut.

Nonetheless, not all provisions of the proposal will make right-leaning Germans happy. For instance, the plan will relax the rules in Germany that give European Union citizens priority in employment over migrants, making it harder for Germans to now find work while competing with foreigners.

Increased security measures are also part of the deal, where Germany is pledging to ramp up law enforcement and undercover police at all airports in the country.

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