Hillary agrees as panelist says gunmakers are turning US citizens into terrorists

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Hillary Clinton seemed to steadily agree with a panelist that gun and ammunition manufacturers turn American citizens into terrorists.

At a gun violence forum in Port Washington, New York, aired by ABC News on Monday, an unidentified woman eviscerated the firearms industry.

“We’re so worried about terrorism but we have terrorism on our own soil,” the woman said as Clinton animatedly nodded like a bobblehead. “Our gun manufacturers, our ammunition manufacturers are making terrorists out of our citizens.”

And the former secretary of state didn’t let up.

One issue that has separated Clinton from Sen. Bernie Sanders, her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, is gun manufacturers’ liability for shooting deaths.

Clinton has long felt that manufacturers should be financially liable for any firearm-related death. Sanders takes the commonsense approach that the gunmaker should not be held liable unless the death is the result of a manufacturing defect. After all, it’s the person pulling the trigger who does the killing — the firearm is merely the tool.

Watch the bobblehead via ABC News.

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H/T: TheBlaze


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