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‘Brand bigger than Fox’: CNN spends entire segment gushing about Megyn Kelly

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It’s hard to know what to make of this.

A CNN panel spent a full segment Sunday on the non-issue of whether Fox News host Megyn Kelly will leave her network at the close of her contract as the result of her on-again, off-again brouhaha with Donald Trump.

After showing video clips and Twitter rants the Republican presidential front-runner directed against Kelly, CNN host Brian Stelter told the “Reliable Sources” panel that she’d been both “bruised and at the same time bolstered” by the attacks.

He also said that Kelly “was the center of attention” at a “Hollywood Reporter” party that he and program guest Jim Rutenberg, a New York Times media columnist, had attended.

“People like Savannah Guthrie going up to her and giving her big hugs, presidents of networks also saying hello. Do you think there’s a chance she could leave Fox and go to another network this time next year?” he asked.

Referring to Kelly as “one of Fox’s two biggest stars,” Rutenberg said he “wouldn’t rule it out.”

Stelter opined that Fox star talent Bill O’Reilly “doesn’t get the same kind of attention necessarily” as “The Kelly File” host, and called her “unique because she’s striven, I would say, she tried to be independent” and “a brand that’s bigger than Fox.”

Rutenberg said that “… there was a sort of critical mass of Megyn Kelly news last week … evidence to me that she’s becoming a very big star before our eyes. She already had something, but she’s becoming a very big TV star.”

The two continued their Kelly gossip throughout the entire segment.

Really, CNN? The world is tearing apart at the seams and this is all you want to talk about?

Watch a short clip of the segment via CNN.

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