‘You scared? Shoot!’ Black Lives Matter thugs taunt police officers

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Black Lives Matter protesters are usually portrayed as the victims.

But in the latest video footage of a Minnesota protest, it appears that police officers were the victims of hatred and bigotry.

Members of the group were caught taunting police officers in Minneapolis after taking to the streets following a decision in Hennepin County, Minn., to not charge two police officers in the shooting death of Jamar Clarke on March 30.

In the footage, dissenters can be heard screaming “You scared? Shoot!” at law enforcement.

They continued provoking: “See this. See this?” he said as he flipped police officers off, “wave it! We right here!”

The demonstration arose after policemen were not charged in the fatal shooting of Clarke. The officers were exonerated by prosecutors due to testimony that Clarke had tried to grab the officers’ guns, and they feared for their lives.

Clarke died a day after he was shot by police and waves of protests shook the Minneapolis area with an 18-day sit-in right outside the area’s police department.

Watch the full video here:

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