Ivana Trump becomes a target after ‘Best Ex I Ever Had’ interview causes stir

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Donald’s Trump‘s detractors are tripping over themselves to use a new interview with his  first wife to bash the candidate.

Ivana Trump told the New York Post that her ex-husband would be good for America in an article published on Sunday,  but admits “Donald cannot be calm.”

“He’s very outspoken. He just says it as it is,” she said citing that as a positive.

“He’s no politician. He’s a businessman. He knows how to talk. He can give an hour speech without notes,” she said adding that Trump would have top advisors but, unlike our current president, would be able to make a decision. “Obama cannot make a decision if his life depends on it. It’s ridiculous.”

The Czech-born former model made comments that liberals have already begun twisting and trying to tie to the candidate.

In defending the need for more legal immigrants she said:

“As long as you come here legally and get a proper job . . . we need immigrants,” she told the Post. “Who’s going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? Americans don’t like to do that.”

Couple that with the following excerpt from the Post’s article.

“I don’t think he’s feminist,” Ivana says upon her return when asked of Donald’s stance. “He loves women. But not a feminist.” (Ivana’s reps called The Post two days after the interview to clarify that Donald was a feminist. Then they called to say he wasn’t. An hour later, they said he was.)

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Trump haters on social media couldn’t wait to dig their claws into the ex-wife of the man they loathe.

Nowhere did the former Mrs. Trump say that was the only job immigrants could do she merely stated it’s not a job many Americans want to do.

The broader point however, is that Donald Trump said none of these things.

But it is likely the effort to tie him to comments made by others will continue to get stronger the closer we get to the general election.

Carmine Sabia


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