Germany to spend whopping $200m to protect migrant women, children in refugee camps

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Rather than spending tax dollars to protect its own citizens, Germany plans to funnel a massive amount of money into protecting Muslim migrants from sexual assault.

The country is set to spend at least $200 million to protect refugees from widespread sexual assaults, but none of that funding will go towards protecting Germans from the same kinds of attacks, according to a report by the Local.

The bulk of funds will go toward creating spaces for women and children in refugee camps across the country. Attacks perpetrated by Muslim men within the camps has become an all too familiar tune since the migrant invasion of Germany.

Nearly $4 million of the funding will be set aside for counseling immigrant survivors of sexual assault.

“Unfortunately, we know that children and women in the camps are not safe from abuse and sexual assault. That’s why we have to make sure that they’re protected,” junior minister Ralf Kleindiek told the Local.

“Not only measures regarding staff, but also structural measures have to be implemented such as lockable accommodation units and separate sanitary facilities.”

“For the children and adolescents, we also need designated rooms to enable play and learning,” he said.

But German women and children have also been widely impacted by a never-ending flow of migrants into the country.

Just last week, BizPac Review reported how particular train stations in Germany will begin separating train cars by gender due to an epidemic of women being sexually attacked by immigrants.

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