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Fidel Castro lashes out at Obama to make him look stupid: Cuba has no need of ‘gifts from the empire’

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When you kiss the backside of despots on the world stage you shouldn’t be surprised when they make you look stupid.

Former Cuban president Fidel Castro came out of hiding Monday to issue a statement on President Obama and his visit to the communist island.

“Listening to the words of the U.S. president could give anyone a heart attack,” Castro wrote in an op-ed for the Granna newspaper, the official newspaper for the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, according to POLITICO.

“Nobody has any illusion that the people of this noble and selfless country will surrender glory and rights and the spiritual wealth that has come through the development of education, science and culture,” he wrote.

“Native populations do not exist at all in the minds of Obama,” the 89-year-old wrote. “Nor does he say that racial discrimination was swept away by the Revolution; that retirement and salary of all Cubans were enacted by this before Mr. Barack Obama was 10 years old.”

He went on to bring up the 1961 failed Bay of Pigs invasion saying the U.C. brought a “mercenary force with cannons and armored infantry, equipped with aircraft … trained and accompanied by warships and aircraft carriers in the U.S. raiding our country. Nothing can justify this premeditated attack that cost our country hundreds of killed and wounded,” POLITICO reported.

He ended the piece by slapping Obama’s extended hand.

“My modest suggestion is to reflect and do not try now to develop theories about Cuban politics,” he wrote while declaring that Cuba “has no need of gifts from the empire.”

Social media responded quickly.

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