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CNN tries to shame commentator by asking what she teaches daughter, 8, about Trump: ‘Sticks and stones . . .’

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Females are fuming!

During a CNN debate Monday over Donald Trump and his support among women, things got heated when an anti-Trump commentator went off about the GOP front-runner’s marital history and prior remarks about women.

Anti-Trump commentator Tara Setmayer called Trump “despicable” for allegedly going after Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi Cruz in recent weeks.

The CNN host went to avid Trump supporter and political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes, and brought up Hughes’ daughter asking, “How do you explain to her what Donald Trump says about women?”

Hughes said she follows the motto “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

“You’re sitting here talking about words, I’m sorry,” said Hughes. “I want my daughter to base her career on actions.”

Hughes continued by talking about how Trump has treated and included women in his inner circle for decades, bringing up the success story of Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump.

“That speaks a lot louder than any words that can be spoken,” Hughes said.

Setmayer responded by using Bible verses: “The power of life and death is in your words,” thus slamming Trump and arguing that “words matter.”

“You’re going to teach your daughter that material wealth supersedes someone’s character, integrity, their own actions,” Setmayer said to Hughes. “I think that is an awful message.”

After Hughes said Trump had the most integrity out of any of the GOP candidates, Setmayer went off about Trump’s past marriages.

“Really?” Setmayer asked. “So the man has been married three times — who publicly shamed his wife when he was cheating on her with his mistress —that’s a man of integrity for you?”

Check out the exchange here:

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