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‘I don’t need lectures from you’: Hannity lights up pompous Jorge Ramos in heated argument

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Sean Hannity took Univision’s Jorge Ramos to task for distorting statements made about immigration by Donald Trump and other GOP candidates in light of the Brussels terror attack.

The discussion became very adversarial when Hannity said, “You don’t care about the 640,000 Texans. You’re taking his comments out of context, you’re calling him racist, you’re calling him bigoted, and you totally misrepresent what he said, and you think you’re the superior reporter? I don’t really need lectures from you, Jorge Ramos.”

The Fox News host argued that Ramos continues to falsely claim that Trump’s comments about criminal illegal aliens are an accusation against the entire immigrant community and that Ramos is pushing an open borders agenda rather than accurately reporting the news. Hannity said that Ramos is putting American lives at risk by opposing Trump’s proposed check on Muslim immigration.

Ramos countered with accusations that Hannity has not challenged Trump assertively enough, specifically citing Trump’s ongoing war of words with his Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly.

Watch Part 1 of the video here.

Watch Part 2 here.


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