Outrage builds as six-year-old girl is legally ripped from foster family because they are white

A six-year-old girl is being legally ripped from the only parents she’s ever known because her foster parents are white and the girl, whom they’ve been foster parenting for four years, is 1.5 percent Choctaw Native American.

Rusty and Summer Page have been caring for Lexi in their Santa Clarita, Calif., home while trying to adopt her, but her Native American heritage, as minuscule as it is, not only prevents her adoption, it is causing her to be transplanted to Utah to live with extended family.

This is all because of the Indian Child Welfare Act, a 1970s law that seeks to keep Native American children with Native American families.

“She’s a very happy girl and she’s a part of our family and we love her dearly,” Summer told local ABC affiliate 7 News.

ABC 7’s Darsha Philips tweeted:

Watch the clip via ABC 7 News. Story continues after clip.

“Lexi doesn’t know another home. She finally knows what mom and dad means and they want to take that away from her, and we can’t stand idly by while that happens,” Rusty Page told Fox 11 News.

The Pages lost their last court battle to keep Lexi Friday. Now they’re turning to God with neighborhood prayer vigils.

She was supposed to have been removed from the Page home Sunday at 10 a.m., but a large group of neighbors demonstrating outside the home prevented that from happening.

The Pages are subject to a court order preventing them from telling either Lexi or their other children what is happening.

“As hard as it is, and as scary as it is to go up against the people we are going up against, we’re putting everything on the line,” Summer Page told the Fox affiliate. “A mom is not going to sit back, a dad is not going to sit back. We’re going to fight until the very end.”

Neighbors plan to continue demonstrating outside the Page home until an appeal can be filed with the California Supreme Court Monday.

Watch the video via ABC 7.


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