Trump takes on Wall Street Journal: No one cares what you ‘dummies’ say, especially me

GOP front-runner Donald Trump is really not happy with the Wall Street Journal.

The right-leaning newspaper published an editorial lambasting Trump for not getting as many votes as Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton in the state primaries.

Here’s an excerpt from the WSJ editorial:

“A GOP convention can’t steal something Mr. Trump doesn’t own.

Since 1860 the rules have required a candidate to have a delegate majority to win on the first ballot — not a mere plurality. If a candidate fails, the rules allow delegates to support someone else. If Mr. Trump can’t win a majority of Republicans, he can’t win a majority of Americans in November,” the board wrote in the piece published Wednesday evening, adding, “By the way, Hillary Clinton’s primary vote total so far is 8,646,551, according to the RealClearPolitics count. Mr. Trump’s is 7,533,692.”


Following the editorial, Trump took to Twitter to fight back against the publication, something he has consistently done throughout the last year.

Check out his epic tweet rant here: 


The WSJ has been active against Trump and his policies in the recent past. As POLITICO notes, Trump picked a fight with the publication after they criticized his positions on trade.

Trump’s longtime position against open borders for immigration has also stirred up problems for the WSJ. When Sen. Jeff Session’s, R-Ala., policy adviser Stephen Miller joined Trump’s campaign, the WSJ wrote that it was “a bad sign,” calling Sessions “the most anti-trade, anti-immigration Senator.”

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