Immigration official gives shocking excuses for failing to detain illegal immigrant killer

During a Senate hearing, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Sarah Saldana made all kinds of excuses for why an illegal immigrant was able to kill a 21-year-old Iowa woman earlier this year.

Honduran national Eswin Mejia, 19, struck Sarah Root while driving drunk on Jan. 31, according to the Daily Caller. This was not the first time Mejia had been arrested for drunk driving, yet immigration officials refused to deport the illegal alien.

On Feb. 5, Mejia was released from prison on bail despite the Omaha Police Department’s request for federal immigration officials to get involved in deporting Mejia.

During questioning by Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., Saldana said ICE ignored the immigration detainer on Mejia because Root, his victim, had “not passed away” yet when Mejia was released on bail.

Saldana’s statement proved to be inaccurate: Root actually died hours after being hit by the intoxicated driver, long before Mejia made bail.

Regardless, Saldana’s excuse for ICE’s refusal to deport Mejia points to an immigration policy where illegal immigrants must kill an American citizen before they are deported from the country.

Another reason was given as to why federal immigration officials had ignored the Omaha Police Department’s detainer request — Saldana claimed that ICE did not have enough time, stating, “It is very hard for us to get to every inquiry that is made by law enforcement.”

Mejia already had a criminal record before killing Root while driving under the influence. The Honduran national had a number of traffic violations and failed to show up for court in all of the cases; ICE never detained him for subverting the law and justice system multiple times.

Mejia is now on the run after posting a $5,000 bail in February.

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