Report: Top conservatives eye possible third party; anything to take out Trump

It seems GOP establishment types will stop at nothing to defeat Donald Trump.

Three prominent Republicans are convening a meeting just two days after today’s primaries to plot a possible third party run against GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Bill Wichterman, who worked with President George W. Bush, South Dakota businessman Bob Fischer, and Founder Erick Erickson have invited other elites to consider a possible third party for a “true conservative,” according to a report by POLITICO.

“Strategize how to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination,” read an invite obtained by POLITICO.

Taken from Politico:

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, two days after winner-take-all Florida and Ohio vote in what many Republican operatives believe will determine whether Trump is on an unstoppable march to the nomination or is likely to stall out short of the 1,237 delegates he needs.

One person involved in the gathering described it as in the “embryonic” stages.“ It’s not like there’s a royal grand plan that’s going to be unfurled,” this person said. “People aren’t giving up on the Republican Party yet.”


News of the meeting comes after Trump’s odds in Florida started to look very good with almost every poll having him leading Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) by 20 points.

The news also comes as exit polling out of Ohio, shows that contrary to what GOP elites want, voters actually feel betrayed by the Republican party. 

From the reactions on Twitter about the potential plot to derail Trump with a third party run, it seems the idea is not all that popular with voters who already feel disenfranchised from party insiders.

Trump, himself, apparently told conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity that he is looking into a “counter movement” if party elites set up third party candidate.  

Trump is dominating the delegate count in the GOP primary. Currently, he only needs more than 50 percent of the remaining delegates that are out in order to win the nomination. 

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