New law that would grade parents not sitting well with everyone

A proposed new law out of Mississippi will let your child’s school judge you as a parent.

The Parental Involvement and Accountability Act looks to grade parental involvement with their children’s schooling and assign a grade of “satisfactory,” “unsatisfactory,” or “needs improvement,” to it, Fox News reported.

Psychotherapist Nell Gibbon Daly and education policy researcher Mary Clare Reim weighed in on the bill on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“I think this is one of the least controversial plans in American education,” Daly said.

“It just creates a wonderful dialogue between students and parents and teachers to come to the table and try to discuss what would help a student thrive in an academic environment,” she added.

Reim strongly disagreed and explained that a parent who helped their child with homework but couldn’t attend PTA meetings due to their schedule would be marked with an “unsatisfactory” grade.

“We should be encouraging policies that empower parents, not penalize them,” she said.

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Carmine Sabia


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