‘Get your a** out of the race’; Occupiers gather outside Trump Building, start protesting… Hillary!

The demand that Hillary Clinton release the transcripts of her paid speeches to financial giants like Goldman Sachs is spreading and becoming more intense.

On Wednesday, a group of reported Occupy protesters gathered outside the Trump Building near Wall Street and demanded that the Democratic presidential front-runner either release the documents or suspend her campaign.

“You, Hillary Clinton, are not even a Democrat,” yelled one protester. “You are a corporatist,” one protester screamed.

“Either release the transcript or get your ass out of the race,” she added. “You can’t call yourself a progressive if you aren’t willing to be transparent.”

The call for Clinton to release transcripts of her speeches has intensified to the point where it’s turning into another liability to the former secretary of state’s presidential campaign.

It began with her Democratic rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, spread to the Republican contenders, and was the subject of a New York Times editorial last month.

“Voters have every right to know what Mrs. Clinton told these groups,” writes the Times editorial board. “By refusing to release them all, especially the bank speeches, Mrs. Clinton fuels speculation about why she’s stonewalling.”

Sanders tweeted:

Watch the video via The Blaze.


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