Thieves almost get away with loads of stolen weapons; elaborate heist caught on video

Surveillance footage was recently released showing ten masked and hooded thieves making a “crash and grab” at a Houston, Texas, gun store Tuesday.

They use a pickup truck to penetrate the store’s security gate by attaching a chain from their truck to the gate. At first it looks as though the gate is too strong — the air is filled with smoke from the truck’s burning rubber.

But then the driver backs up, slacking the chain, and guns it. The doors rip off and the robbers swarm into the shop and make off with a large number of weapons.

The entire operation from start to finish took 120 seconds. But within 48 hours, some of the suspected thieves were nabbed, along with some of their ill-gotten gains.

NBC News reported Thursday that at least three of the suspected robbers have already been arrested, and some of the weapons were recovered.

Watch the security footage below. A news report on the crime follows.

Watch the report via NBC News.


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