Tantaros speaks for voters in angry tirade: Take your brand of conservatism, Mitt, and ‘shove it’

Pundits and voters alike refuse to choke down Mitt Romney’s speech Thursday in Utah brutally attacking GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Wondering why the establishment would choose a failed conservative candidate to speak out against the Republican party’s current frontrunner for the presidency, Andrea Tantaros rips into the mega millionaire, portraying him as both a pawn and a sore loser.

“It’s almost like a coach who lost the Super Bowl 42-0 is now coming out and telling the winning coach what plays to call,” Tantaros began.

But the punchline comes at the closing of her tirade:

“Mitt Romney as no business lecturing voters on electability or conservatism. And I think voters today look at him and tell his brand of conservatism to take it and shove it!”

Watch the clip of Tantaros’s response here via Fox News’s “Outnumbered“:

H/T: Gateway Pundit


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