What did Hugh Hefner’s son say about ‘family friend’ Donald Trump that has people calling BS?

Cooper Hefner
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With a friend like this, who needs enemies?

In an article for Hop Media of which he is the founder, Cooper Hefner, the son of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner, referred to Donald Trump as a “family friend” who is “full of s**t,” just one of many rips he has taken into the Republican presidential front-runner.

In the article, he said Trump is in the race only to serve his own ego — though one could say the same about this self-serving op-ed that will be a publicity boon for Hop Media.

“Trump doesn’t care about the office of the President. He doesn’t care about the American public. He doesn’t care about anything other than Trump,” he wrote.

And he made the ridiculous comparison between Trump and Alabama Governor George Wallace, who tried to keep black children from integrating into public schools by using state troopers.

“The Republican race indicates that the same racist strain [that] got George Wallace his 13 percent is still very much alive and it’s manifesting in Trump’s popularity,” he opined.

His worst criticism came when painting a picture of America’s future with Trump as its president.

“Trump is an individual who has openly advocated banning and deporting Muslim Americans and legal immigrants, taking a massive step backwards towards the political and social philosophies inherited from eras of slavery and gender inequality, like the Japanese-American prison camps of World War II, women not having the right to vote, and segregation between blacks and whites,” he wrote. “It seems that is Trump’s idea of making America great again.”

But the younger Hefner tipped his hand to end his rant when he made it clear it is conservatives he is really against.

“Truth be told, I don’t believe a lot of Republicans even understand what they are rooting for in a candidate like Trump, making it even more important for our generation to promote diversity and display a united front against dated conservative ideology,” he wrote. “We need to make it clear that going backwards is not in the cards for American Millennials. We are only interested in moving forward.”

Social media slammed Hefner.

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