Insulting voicemail from Rubio led furious Christie to endorse Trump, sources say

Marco Rubio’s ill-advised approach to win over Chris Christie led the New Jersey governor directly to Trump’s door, according to sources from the New York Times.

After Christie dropped out of the presidential race, Rubio left him a condescending message on his voicemail, saying that he “had a bright future in public service,” according to the  New York Post, which quoted sources from the Times.

The message “angered and insulted the governor.”

There was no love left between the two candidates after negative ads and knockout fights during GOP debates put the two at serious odds.

From NY Times:

The endorsement by Mr. Christie, a not unblemished but still highly regarded figure within the party’s elite — he is a former chairman of the Republican Governors Association — landed Friday with crippling force. It was by far the most important defection to Mr. Trump’s insurgency: Mr. Christie may give cover to other Republicans tempted to join Mr. Trump rather than trying to beat him. Not just the Stop Trump forces seemed in peril, but also the traditional party establishment itself.

How one small thing can change the course of history.


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