Trump makes popular promise: Here’s what he’ll do with Hillary if he’s elected

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made a promise that is music to the ears of every conservative in America. If he’s elected president, he will see that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is prosecuted.

He made the promise during a full-hour interview on “Hannity” Monday, stating that he would have “no choice” in the matter.

“Now maybe she can prove her innocence,” he explained. “But it just seems to me that the public knows everything they’re going to know … She seems to be guilty,” he told host Sean Hannity at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

“Certainly it has to be looked at if a Republican wins, if I am winning, certainly you have to look at it as being fair to everyone else,” the real estate mogul added. It’s “so unfair to the people that have been prosecuted over the years who have done much less than she did,” Trump said.

“So she’s being protected, but if I win, certainly it’s something I’ll look at.”

Former President Gerald Ford was excoriated for pardoning President Nixon after Nixon’s resignation. It sounds as though Trump isn’t about to let that happen to him.

Watch the clip via Fox News.


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