Exit polls show HOW Trump took South Carolina – why voters picked him

Exit polls conducted during Saturday’s primary clearly show how Donald Trump managed to walk away with South Carolina’s delegates in his pocket — they also may tell other candidates what they need to do to pull ahead.

It can all be said in two words: Illegal immigration.

Nearly half of South Carolina’s electorate who cast their votes for the Republican front-runner — 44 percent — believed that illegal immigrants should be deported.

Those voters who expressed anger over how the federal government operates also voted largely for Trump.

Other exit polls conducted during the election were even more telling. Those who want a president to “tell it like it is” voted overwhelmingly for the real estate developer.

Those who wanted to see an outsider in the White House also voted largely for Trump.

But in other areas Trump didn’t fare so well. Voters who wanted their president to share their own valueds flocked to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

Those who wanted their president to have political experience chose Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, with Cruz coming in a close second.

Watch the clip, via Fox News.


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