‘Operation Deploy Your Dress’: Fox News host helps military spouses go glam

Anna Kooiman of “Fox and Friends” helped make female veterans and spouses of vets more glamorous by donating many of her fabulous gowns to Operation Deploy Your Dress.

The organization was merely an idea a little over a month ago, but has taken off rapidly. It asks for donations of gently used dresses, formal attire and accessories which go to veterans and veterans spouses who attend special military galas and balls.

From Facebook:

We are thrilled, overwhelmed, and humbled by all of the support being offered! It is amazing to think that a mere month ago, Operation Deploy Your Dress was just an idea. How exciting to know our project has come to fruition! When we started, we never anticipated growing so quickly thus we were not fully prepared. We are currently in the process of developing a comprehensive website and transitioning to an official non-profit organization. Meanwhile, please continue to share …


Meredith Hummel of the 127th Aviation Support Battalion was a recipient of one of Kooiman’s dresses and can be seen photographed below.

Photo via Fox News Insider
Photo via Fox News Insider

The clip from “Fox and Friends” can be seen below, and to learn more about Operation Deploy Your Dress, click here.

H/T: Fox News



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