Greta rips into greedy US company that sent 1,400 jobs to Mexico

More than just the 1,400 employees laid off by Carrier Corp last week were not happy to hear about the company’s “business decision” to close down the plant in Indiana.

“Off the Record” host Greta Van Susteren was fuming on her show Monday night when she heard news of the video of workers at an Indianapolis plant being told that they would all be losing their jobs due to a relocation to Mexico.

She battered the man who announced that it was “a business decision,” which Susteren claimed was less about business than about poor management and greed.

“They didn’t manage the company, so now they are laying off the ones who were doing their jobs, the workers,” Greta said.

“It’s disgraceful. If I need a new air conditioner, it is not going to be an Air Carrier. That’s for sure.”

She spotted the $6.2 billion in profit from 2014 as proof that the Indiana-based workers were doing their jobs, and that those higher up the ladder are looking for a steal in their decision to move to Mexico.

Watch her full commentary on the video below via Fox News.



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