Video: Intense moment 1,400 US employees find out their jobs are moving to Mexico

Cell phone video footage of an announcement at an Indianapolis workplace shows the moment 1,400 employees were told their jobs would be eliminated as the company moves operations to Mexico.

Plant and union workers at Carrier Air Conditioner reacted with shock and disbelief as they were informed of the company’s decision. Amid angry shouts and obvious frustration in the crowd, the company representative tried to deliver the news calmly.

“The best way to stay competitive and protect the business for long term is to move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico,” he said.

The video was posted by an employee on Wednesday after the announcement was made, which the company representative says was “strictly a business decision.”

“This is an extremely difficult decision,” he said. “It was made most difficult because I understand it will have an impact on all of you, your families, and the community.”

The transition won’t begin until mid-2017 and will occur in phases over a three-year-period, according to the company, which cites government regulations as one of the factors forcing the move.  This did little to quell the tension and emotions in the room.

“How long will it take before people start tearing shit up?” one employee can be heard saying, while another yelled “Yeah, f**k you!”

The heating, cooling, air conditioning, and refrigeration company said in a statement that the move is in response to continued market and regulatory pressures: “The continued migration of the HVAC industry to Mexico, including our suppliers and competitors, and ongoing cost and pricing pressures driven, in part, by new regulatory requirements.”

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said the announcement came with no warning, according to RTV6.


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24 thoughts on “Video: Intense moment 1,400 US employees find out their jobs are moving to Mexico

  1. Kenneth Clark says:

    Now Obama will claim another 2800 jobs created by his policies. 1400 full time for Mexico and 1400 new part timers for the US. He will claim unemployment to be at 3.5%.

    1. BTeboe says:

      Yes this is how liberal pretzel logic works. When everyone stops looking for work, then we will have 0% unemployment.

  2. Jan Kolacy says:

    The business that are there and moving there think by doing so they will make more money cheap labor and goods…no Tarrif ….all,profit….of course …our country has to pay a Tarrif to sell in Mexico…If we elect Trump this is going to change he has said their would be a Tarrif on goods coming from Mexico….whoops there go the profits for the companies that have moved there…and the terrif money is going to build the wall…he also said there would be a Tarrif on goods coming into this country from China…we let their goods come into this country they pay us no Tarrif ….That is how Trump is going to bring the companies back ..once they loose that extra money by having to pay the Tarrif ..their profits by moving will disappear and they will be back in the U.S. ..Trump is a brilliant business man…no one else has used this to help our country..but like everything else..Trump said it first…now watch ..the other hopefuls will say the same thing….he has so much smarts in his head..about running a business….he will,get the Debt paid…and do the things he said…will be accomplished …he owes nobody and you can bet those running owe to bug business and a lot of them in Mexico and China.. And that is why they either do not mention it altogether or say they will ,,just to get elected,,, and then forget about it

  3. tsigili says:

    That’s what is going to continue to happen, if Trump is not elected.

  4. jakeflagg says:

    It certainly wouldn’t hurt to do a little ‘journalism’ and find out the government regulations are to blamed. As written it’s the big bad bidness that’s blamed. Pictures and video don’t make an argument nor an article, just emotion filmed. Businesses don’t move until things cost too much in a location to make it worthless to continue; it’s just not cost effective. This is not like Disney importing cheaper labor, with the HELP of our government, and firing what appears to be good and faithful workers. This is a business trying to survive. Take a look at appliance makers around the world; they may have started out in the UK, USA, Europe, but almost all of them have their products made in Asia. Even Japan has most of its stuff made in China, Korea, Thailand, etc. Many major appliances are still made in the US; not many other countries do likewise.

  5. O.K. folks. How many of you will sit back and vote for the libs? Remember that a low approximation of ONE job loss affects 7 other businesses.

  6. intellectone says:

    A vote for Donald J. Trump will save America and your job. He will create many more because he is going to cut corporate taxes and no tax for anyone who is making 50 K and less. Trump has a fantastic Tax Plan.

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