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Scalia’s death unleashes ‘racist’ hate; libs fantasize Clarence Thomas next

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death prompted a barrage of hate from the left directed at both the late associate justice as well as his fellow conservative on the bench, Justice Clarence Thomas.

Shortly after Scalia’s death was announced, Bernie Sanders supporter Jonah Ray tweeted:

John Ladarola, host and producer of “Think Tank” and “The Young Turks,” blamed Scalia for climate change:

And then there were those who only wanted to spew hate:

But Scalia’s wasn’t the only name trending on social media — so was that of his colleague, Justice Thomas.

Not only did the left wish Thomas dead, they also used the opportunity to mock the only sitting African-American on the nation’s high court.

University of Louisville professor Ricky Jones tweeted:

Then there were these:

Had it been the right mocking a liberal black justice, screams of “racism” would be heard from coast to coast. But, the disturbing trend didn’t go unnoticed.


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