Oops! Hilarity abounds when Hillary asks this stunning request of voters

While defending her email controversy Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let slip one sentence too many — she said voters should hold her accountable. That statement sent people on social media howling with laughter.

During an interview on CNN’s “New Day,” co-host Alisyn Camerota asked Clinton how she can convince the Iowa voters to disregard the FBI’s continuing criminal investigation of her email scandal.

“I’m laying out the plans that I have, I’m asking people to look at them,” Clinton said, before launching into the punch line.

“And I’m asking people to hold me accountable, because I want to get back to working together, to try to unite this country.”

Well, OK.

Here’s the clip.

The line had people laughing and social media humming.

And then there was this one — which warranted a reply.

And finally there was this one:

Well, she was never dead broke — just morally bankrupt.


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