FBI releases STUNNING footage of Oregon militia shooting

By Rachel StoltzfoosDC-NEWS 300X71

The FBI released footage of police shooting dead the spokesman of an Oregon militia occupying federal land in protest Thursday, to counter reports the man was cooperating with police when he was killed.

In an extended video filmed from a airplane, the vehicles carrying members of the group are seen being pulled over by police. Lavoy Finicum was driving one of the vehicles, and drove away from police after they pulled him to a stop. He drives for a bit, but then veers off the road into the snow when he suddenly comes upon a police blockade.

Finicum is seen getting out of the truck and walking through the snow with his hands up in surrender. However, he then makes a move to reach into his jacket. At that point, one of the authorities walks up out of the woods and shoots Finicum dead from behind.

The FBI said Finicum had a gun in his pocket, reported The Boston Globe.  (*Warning: footage may be disturbing for some viewers.)

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