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UK company slammed for making refugees wear red wristbands to get 3 free meals a day

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Refugees in one town in England are complaining about the “horrible” living conditions they endure.

Not in the countries they escaped from, but in the homes where they are given three free meals a day.

Clearsprings Ready Homes, a private company contracted by the British government, had a policy requiring asylum seekers to wear red wristbands at all times in order to receive the free meals, according to the Associated Press.

The company abandoned the policy on Monday and said it would issue a statement later.

Some refugees described their experiences to UK newspaper The Guardian.

“My time in Lynx House was one of the most horrible experiences in my life. I hated wearing the wristbands and sometimes refused to wear them and was turned away from food,” Eric Ngalle, 36, told the paper.

“On the road we had to walk down there is often heavy traffic. Sometimes drivers would see our wristbands, start honking their horns and shout out of the window, ‘Go back to your country.’ Some people made terrible remarks to us,” he added.

Mogdad Abdeen, 24, a human rights activist from the Sudan echoed those comments.

“This wristband is discrimination, clear and simple. No band, no food. We are made to feel that we are second-class humans. People in Lynx House are scared of meeting new people in case they see the wristband and give them problems,” Abdeen told the Guardian.

“Sometimes when we are standing outside Lynx House queueing for food people shout out of their car windows ‘refugee, refugee.'”

According to the Guardian, the refugees live in “hotel style conditions” and are given three free meals a day.

Probably a lot better than where they came from.

Many on social media felt the same.

Carmine Sabia


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