FURY over pathetic US excuse; POW protections didn’t apply to detained sailors in Iran

They’re not entitled.

President Obama’s Department of State explained Thursday afternoon why it took no action against the terrorist-supporting Islamic Republic of Iran for detaining and humiliating 10 U.S. Navy sailors.

The protections offered under the Geneva Convention did not apply to the sailors because we’re not at war with Iran, The Hill reported.

“The Geneva Convention applies for a time of war between nations, and we’re not at war with Iran,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said. “So it’s difficult to see how the provisions of the Geneva Convention can be applied here or us citing them as violations of it, because we’re not at war with Iran.”

It took the administration only two days to come up with that excuse.

“If we were at war with Iran or another country then yes, I think you could look at what happened as a breach of the protocols in there,” he added, “but they don’t apply.”

How about this: seizing our vessels and holding our sailors captive is, in and of itself, an act of war. Had the sailors wandered into the waters of any other country that’s supposed to be friendly to the United States, they would have been given a warning.

The Hill reported:

Administration critics have long accused President Obama of being too soft on Iran in order to speed through the global agreement on its nuclear powers. The pact, which is set to be implemented in coming days, lifts sanctions on Iran in exchange for limits on its ability to build a nuclear weapon.

Some analysts have said that Iran likely violated terms of the convention by distributing videos and images of the U.S. sailors.

The photos show American sailors on their knees and with their hands behind their heads, as well as sitting in what appears to be a detainment cell. In a video interview with one sailor, the American apologizes for the “mistake” of entering Iranian waters.

Some observers have argued that the release of those images and video may have violated Geneva Convention prohibitions on subjecting prisoners of war to “insults and public curiosity.”


“The video, on the face of it, is difficult to watch. There’s no question about that,” Kirby said.

“Its use for propaganda purposes is inappropriate,” he added. “I think we can safely say that. Nobody wants to see that.”

The Hill tweeted:

And the nation was livid.

From the very beginning, the Obama administration has governed with excuses. The economy was his predecessor’s fault. They didn’t even try to send military support to Benghazi because they didn’t think they would arrive in time to be of any help. When Syria crossed Obama’s “red line,” the president said he didn’t really draw it.

Had the same set of circumstances been presented to any previous administration (except Carter’s), Iran’s actions would have constituted an act of war. Instead, the Obama administration bends over backwards to make excuses for them.

We ask a lot from our military and servicemen. All they want in return is the knowledge that the government they’re risking life and limb for has their back. The Obama administration once again fails to deliver any assurance of that.


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