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Focus group’s best debate moment was about Second Amendment, here’s who delivered it…

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There was one debate moment that stood out from the rest. It had to do with protecting the Second Amendment, and it pushed one of the candidates to superstar status.

“I am convinced that if this president could confiscate every gun in America, he would,” the candidate said before addressing the problem with Obama’s gun proposals.

“Criminals don’t buy their guns from a gun show. They don’t buy their guns from a collector. And they don’t buy their guns from a gun store,” the candidate said. “They steal them, they get them on the black market. And let me tell you, ISIS and terrorists do not get their guns from a gun show.”

That candidate was Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

Pollster Frank Luntz said that Rubio “was direct, he was emphatic, he was passionate.”

Members of Luntz’s focus group described Rubio as a “superstar,” “unwavering” and “very articulate.”

Watch the clip via Fox News.

Here’s the full exchange between Rubio and Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto via TheBlaze. Although Cavuto pushed back at Rubio’s statements, and even called them “extreme,” the senator stuck to his guns.

If Rubio is correct, we may have another presidential “lie of the year” in the making: If you like your guns, you can keep your guns.


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