Megyn Kelly nails Wasserman Schultz over ‘sexist’ comment, but that wasn’t end of it

Fox News host Megyn Kelly hammered Democratic National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz over her assertion that the Republican Party chose South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to make the SOTU rebuttal because she was a woman.

Wasserman Schultz originally made the claim that the GOP used her to emphasize diversity within the party.

“Why couldn’t she have been picked because she’s smart, she’s savvy, she presents well, she’s articulate and she’s a great spokesman for the Republicans?” Kelly asked.

Wasserman Schultz claimed that Haley had “done damage to her state” and was unpopular with her constituents, but Kelly didn’t let her off easy.

On Wednesday, guests Dana Loesch and Robert Zimmerman locked horns while engaging in their own controversial debate on the subject.

Zimmerman, who’s a Democratic National Committeeman, came out praising Haley, but defended Wasserman Schultz.

“The Republican Party by their own admission has a diversity problem, and they’re not going to address it just by putting Nikki Haley as a spokesperson,” he said.

“If we’re going to have a discussion of diversity, perhaps we can start with the two elderly white individuals who are running in the Democrat [presidential] primary, and then take a look at all the young and very diverse — both sexes, you have different ethnicities,” she said.

Zimmerman claimed that it didn’t matter — the platforms of the GOP candidates make it appear “like they’re [running] in the 1950s.”

“That’s a different point,” Kelly put in. “We’re talking about gender and we’re talking about racial identity.”

Zimmerman claimed that diversity is “defined by the policies you advocate,” and brought up equal pay for woman as an example.

That’s the point where the fireworks were ignited.

“That’s a myth. That is a lie!” Loesch fired back. “Don’t sit here and say you’re empowering women by giving them the choice to go out and do whatever they want as a profession, and then when they don’t choose according to your patriarchal will, Robert, then penalize them for making less.”

Watch the exchange via Fox News.


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