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Iran publishes photos meant to humiliate recently released Navy sailors

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On Wednesday morning, Iran released 10 U.S. sailors it was holding in captivity after their ships drifted into Iranian waters Tuesday.

Not long after the prisoners were let out of captivity, Iran State television released humiliating video and pictures of the sailors while they were in custody.

Photo via Iran state television.
Photo via Iran state television.

The photos were first revealed in the U.S by ABC News after the sailors were released by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Wednesday.

US Sailors Iran 2

“Ten U.S. Navy Sailors safely returned to U.S. custody today, after departing Iran. There are no indications that the Sailors were harmed during their brief detention,” the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command Public Affairs Office said in a statement.

US Sailors Iran

“The Sailors departed Farsi Island at 8:43 a.m. GMT, aboard the two Riverine Command Boats (RCB) that they had been operating when they lost contact with the U.S. Navy. The Sailors were later transferred ashore by U.S. Navy aircraft, while other Sailors took charge of the RCBs and continued transiting toward Bahrain, the boats’ original destination. The Navy will investigate the circumstances that led to the Sailors’ presence in Iran,” it added.

US Sailors Iran

“I’m very pleased that our Sailors have been safely returned to U.S. hands. As a former Sailor myself, I know the importance of naval presence around the world and the critical work being done by our Navy in the Gulf region. I’m proud of our young men and women in uniform and know how seriously they take their responsibilities to one another and to other mariners in distress,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement.

Congressman Louie Gohmert got more to the real point in a video interview on Wednesday. He said this:

“This is a country [Iran] that has never been trustworthy. They do not keep agreements. They have not since they have declared war on us … they cannot be trusted and they have been rubbing this administration’s nose in their violations, in their untruthfulness. They haven’t even signed the deal …”

“This taking of these American sailors is a bonanza, media wise, for Iran. This shows the world – and it will open some eyes around the world – this president, even when they have improperly taken our soldiers and have had them hold their hands behind their heads, this president still sucks up to those that mistreat America. It is a terrible message to be going out …”

Still, Iran first made sure that they embarrassed America on the world stage by posting these photos.

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