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Palin: Obama wept. So what?

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Sarah Palin pulled no punches as she went after President Obama following his speech Tuesday announcing his implementation of new gun controls via executive fiat.

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate called Obama out for crying over victims of gun violence but not for others, in an op-ed for Breitbart.

America is forced to weep over Obama’s release of violent criminals into our communities – like the 121 illegal aliens who committed murders after they were released from custody by the Obama administration instead of being deported. And that doesn’t take into account the others we don’t know about.

The whole world weeps waiting for American leadership in these troubled times as Islamic savages commit genocide against the Christians of the Middle East and terrorize innocent people in cities across the globe.

Meanwhile, Obama wept as he blamed law-abiding patriots for the nation’s insecurity and sought to strip them of the Constitutional rights that generations of Americans shed blood to protect.

Obama wept, while we all continue to weep for our country and the civilized world.

Social media weighed in on Palin’s short but poignant commentary.

Carmine Sabia


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