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Trump offers THIS challenge to Hillary for saying guns don’t keep you safe

Image: Splash News

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GOP frontrunner Donald Trump issued a challenge to Democrat Hillary Clinton: If she really believes that guns don’t keep you safe, she should “demand that her heavily armed bodyguards quickly disarm!”

Two weeks ago, Clinton said during the Democratic presidential debate “Guns, in and of themselves, in my opinion, will not make Americans safer.” Clinton being an American who is protected 24 hours a day by guns, that statement seemed a bit odd, and plainspoken Trump did not let it go.


Clinton seems to forget that for the last 24 years, and for the rest of her life, she is protected by a Secret Service detail. In fact, she’s been contemptuous of those sworn to defend her life, greeting one uniformed agent who said “Good morning, ma’am” with the reply, “F*** off,” according to former agent Ronald Kessler‘s book, “First Family Detail.”

Perhaps the former First Lady should remember who pays for her protection.

Or maybe she could simply carry around a “gun free zone” sign.


If the Secret Service agents were allowed to do it, given Clinton’s scorn for them and the difficult job they have training to protect her–with guns–they might decide to let her fend for herself and learn that individuals are responsible for their own safety.

One other politician constantly calling for gun control might also follow Trump’s advice.




Steve Berman


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