Video: Hillary smacks down rape survivor who dared ask her about Bill

She isn’t fighting the war on women; she is the war on women.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was challenged at a New Hampshire town hall Sunday on sexual assault allegations made by Juanita Broaddrick against the candidate’s husband Bill. Instead of answering, Clinton called the questioner “very rude” and said she wouldn’t answer any of her questions.

During a question-answer period, Republican state representative Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien, herself a rape victim according to CNN, attempted repeatedly to get Clinton’s attention.

The media referred to O’Brien as a heckler.

“Heckler?” wondered National Review Online contributor Stephen Miller.\

“You are very rude and I’m not going to ever call on you,” Clinton eventually told O’Brien, eliciting applause from her supporters.

O’Brien told Washington Post national political reporter Abby Phillip that she was a former Democrat who left the party, at least in part, due to the Clinton hypocrisy on her “war on women.”

Roger Stone, author of “The Clinton Wars,” hit the nail on the head.

Afterwards, O’Brien spoke to CNN about her motivation.

“I asked her how in the world she can say that Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Wiley are lying when she has no idea who Juanita Broaddrick is,” O’Brien said. “She told me this summer she doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t want to know who she is. How can she assess that they are lying, which she told someone last month?”

Former Clinton aide Kathleen Willey, who also alleged that former President Clinton had sexually harassed her, once said “Hillary Clinton is the war on women.”


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